Architecture - Sylvia Ting
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The Holy Land .. Mt. Niushoushan

Large and Small Dome

The large and small dome symbolize external supporting and internal supporting.
The large dome is like the kasaya (Buddha's robe) that covers on the small dome which protects the holy śarīra(relics).

Niushoushan Cultural Park
Nanjing, China


BuddhaCanon EOS 5DsRChinaEOS5DsRHolylandLotusNanjingNiushoushanSigma 15mm F2.8 EX DGarchitecturearchitecturephotographycanonsigmasylvia_photosylviatingsylviatingphotography佛已在心已往南京南京牛首山佛顶宫牛首圣境牛首山