Landscape - Sylvia Ting
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A lovely town, Niseko Village

One of my favorite towns, Niseko Village, Hokkaido, Japan

A panoramic view from Niseko Bridge, Hokkaido
You can see the beautiful summer landcsape of Mt. Yotei(right) and the Shiribetsu River(left) from Niseko Bridge. In Ainu language, Shiribetsu means the river of mountain. The river surrounds the northern side of Mt. Yotei, passing through Rankoshi Town and directly flowing into the Sea of Japan.
It's so fun to do some water activities in Shiribetsu River, such as rafting or canoeing in the Shiribetsu River is terrifically exciting.
What an unforgettable memory and fantastic experience !!
Ainu : Indigenous people of Hokkaido, Japan


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