Moment - Sylvia Ting
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Date Masamune at night Sendai Castle Site Miyagi, Japan



Date Masamune(1567-1636), the first lord of the Sendai Clan and established the foundation of Sendai, is called “Single Eye Dragon” because he lost his right eye during his childhood. He was born as the first son of Date Terumune, the ruler of Yonezawa. 

Masamune obeyed Hidyoshi and is known as the conquest of Tohoku Region. In 1589, he won the battle of Suriagehara and conquered the land of Aizu. He ruled most of current Fukushima prefecture, southern Yamagata prefecture and southern Miyagi prefecture.

Because his out fit was so outstanding, people started to call "Date mono" for those who looks extremely impressive with clothing.

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