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Shiny Silky Hair

Pulsatilla cernua is a perennial herb distributed in Northeastern China, Korea, and Japan. It is a common early spring flower in China but it is an endangered plant in Japan because of a rapid decline of populations in the last two decades.
The six petals are dark purplish red and are covered with white silky-villose hairs.
The androecium, with numerous stamens, is bright yellow at the beginning of anthesis and becomes paler with age. The outer short club-shaped stamens are always sterile (staminodes) and secrete nectar, as in the other Pulsatilla. The pistils are numerous and borne on a conical receptacle. Each pistil has one ovule with a long purple style covered with hairs. After pollination, the style will continue to grow, reaching 4–5 cm when the achenes mature.
~American Journal of Botany~





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