Water - Sylvia Ting
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The Yangtze hurtles and roars down the Tiger Leaping Gorge

Lijiang, Yunnan

Tiger Leaping Gorge is a gorge formed from the Jinsha River. The upper reach of the Yangtze River crosses the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (with the altitude of 5,596 meters)and Haba Snow (with the altitude of 5,396 meters)

As the No. 1 gorge of the Yangtze River, it is 96 kilometers away from Shangri-La and 80 kilometers away from Lijiang. The total length of the gorge is 23 kilometers and the narrowest point of the river area is only about 20 meters, with a gradient of 213 meters. The maximum depth of the gorge is 3,900 meters. The river canyon is noted for spectacular landscape as part of the Three Parallel Rivers (Yangtze /Jinsha, Lancang /Mekong, and Nujiang /Salween) of World Heritage Site and a national AAAA scenic attraction.
It is composed of three parts of canyons(upper, middle and lower) and the mountain biking path of Tiger Leaping Gorge(one of Ten Classical Trek Trails in the world).

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